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    Quality • Reliability • Precision
  • 30 years PMG Prüftechnik
    30 years PMG Prüftechnik
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PMG Probes / Pogo Pins

The structural design

Spring contact probes / Pogo pins from PMG: An optimal combination of material and manufacturing process.

German silver, spring steel, CuBe and phosphor bronze alloys, galvanically gold plated, partly shaped by deep-drawing, guarantee contact security and stability.

The result is a tried and tested contact unit - operated for the smallest test point centers suitable for high current or pneumatically with any desired spring force, in all tip styles.

Quality Assurance

Dimensions and inherent resistance, preload, spring strokes and spring force are strictly controlled. This ensures an exceptionally high contact security and durability. PMG probes pass any test.

General information on spring contact probes / Pogo pins

Spring contact probe (FKS) and receptacle (SH) together form a flexible contacting unit, which are used in testing loaded and bare boards, wirings, plugs, cable trees etc.

Though a fast and safe contacting needs to be assured, the contacting unit is an important connection component to the test system.

To meet the demands of todays microelectronics, the contacting unit needs to be constructed from high-quality materials in very special procedures.

PMG contact spring probes are formed by the following components:

Contact plunger - Barrel - Spring

The contact plunger with its contact tip is very important for a safe connection to the test object. We use a BeCu alloy for constructing our contact plungers. The surface is rhodium or gold-plated. On demand, we deliver contact plungers made of other materials, such as steel etc.

The barrel is the receptacle for spring and plunger. It is made of a drawn precision pipe or deep-drawn Aurun- and phosphor-bronze alloy. This assures perfect friction qualities compined with low wearout. These features result in highest durability and reliability. To increase conductivity and corrosion resistance, the barrels are galvanically gold plated.

General information on receptacles

The receptacle is used to mount the contact probe into the contact carrier plate and is herewith the electrical connection between contact probe and test system. Due to its special design , the receptacle is always exchangeable - quickly and easily - even repeatedly, without having to unwire.

The receptacle is made of a deep-drawn or drawn precision pipe. For reliable contacting with a low contact resistance, the receptacle is gold plated. Because of the different wiring techniques, you have got the choice between crimp, solder, plug or wire-wrap receptacles. The wiring-side of the receptacle is airtight.

Depending on the type of contact probe, receptacles are delivered either with collar (for concise mounting) or distance sleeve (for variable mounting).

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