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    30 years PMG Prüftechnik
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Test Fixtures

Manufacturing process for the manufacture of

test fixtures


According to the data supplied by our customers we design and manufacture your test fixture within a few days - compatible with all current test systems and with high-precision and robust workmanship. Particularly unusual and difficult test adaptions are our strength. With our knowledge and experience you ensure the quality of your products - reliably and quickly.

Vacuum cassette may be mounted onto an openable flat or console case. It is possible to hinge open the test-head while the fixture is working. The back panel is removable from the compact case.


Probe plate

  • from 10 mm epoxy hard paper
  • double-sided coated with epoxy fiberglass fabric

Vacuum plate

  • 5 mm thick, two-stage fixture 8 mm
  • Anitstatic material reinforced with epoxy

Vacuum connection

  • Vacuum port mounted on the left (standard design)
  • Instead of the vacuum port, a plate with locking pins for vacuum quick-release coupling is also available
  • Antistatic discharge by means of a contact spring probe

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