Spring Probe FKS-714G

GRID: 8,0 mm - 315 mil

Technical Data

GRID:8,0 mm - 315 mil
Working stroke:15,0 mm
Maximum stroke:17,0 mm
Contact resistance typical:24 mΩ
Current rating:3-5 A
Spring force at working stroke:5,0 N


Plunger:BeCu, nickel plated
Barrel:Brass, nickel plated
Spring:Music wire

FKS-714G is used to hold the board.

Tip styles for FKS-714G

Tip No.:
Tip diameter:
Mögliche Koppform Array
Material: plastic
Ø 7,0
Mögliche Koppform Array
Material: brass nickel plated

For "A" please indicate the diameter requested!
Ø 2,0
Ø 2,5
Ø 3,0
Ø 3,2
Ø 3,5
Ø 4,0
Mögliche Koppform Array
Material: stainless steel
Ø 6,0

Further tip styles on demand.

subject to change